5 July 2019
Building on firm foundations

By Jennifer Lambton, Junior Consultant

I gained invaluable experience prior to joining RedRock, but my personal and professional development here has taken me to new heights.

Building on firm foundations

Starting a new job is rarely an easy task. Nerves start kicking in as you begin thinking about whether or not you’ve made the right decision to leave behind what you know and take on something that is entirely new to you. I was in that exact position last September when I left the job I had been in for almost a year to take up a new opportunity at RedRock Consulting. It was both scary and exciting in equal measure, and a move that has paid dividends.

I joined a team made up largely of university graduates with little experience, but I had already been in the world of work since I was 18, so had come to the company with an additional understanding of what would be expected and required. Although my previous job was purely a sales role, the transferrable skills I had acquired helped me to make the switch smoothly and begin my training as a Junior Resourcer.

Our team was made up of people from a range of backgrounds, which made our time within that team a great experience. Training with Phred and Alex, we learned everything we needed to know while working on live assignments and reporting back on the challenges we had been tasked with completing. Although I had the experience of full-time work, I was in a whole new environment – workforce solutions nor the technology sector were areas I had any real knowledge of.

That was a hurdle that I had to overcome. Working in tech, there are so many languages, skills and terms that I hadn’t ever heard of – it was all Greek to me. The training I received helped me become accustomed to the environment and within no time I was talking to candidates about their experience with Python, Gherkin or Javascript. Our CRM system and other processes aren’t difficult to use either and once you find your way of working, we’re really well supported to pick things up with the on-the-job training.

As challenging as the past 10 months have been, they haven’t been without reward. After being put through my paces by Alex and our Director Phred towards the end of my training, I was promoted to Junior Consultant and moved in Matthew Butler’s team of 360 Consultants. Although it’s a new role for me here, it brings me back into familiar territory – at my previous place of work I had a similar remit of managing clients and bringing in new business, so it’s something I’m used to doing.

The promotion has led to a realignment of my goals. My long-term aims have stayed the same – to travel the world and then launch my own business – and these two things were the driving factor behind joining RedRock. Let’s not beat around the bush – they’re two things that require quite a bit of capital, so the company’s uncapped commission policy gives me the means to accelerate that process and the only thing holding me back is myself. Short-term, now that I’m in a consulting role, I’ve furthered my ambitions and have set my sights on having a handful of my own clients that I’ve brought in myself. I’ve learnt a lot, but if I’m to achieve my personal and professional goals then I have to keep developing, and I couldn’t be in a better environment for that to continue.

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