22 October 2018
Introducing a new kind of MPS

By Darren Chapman, Director

Our MPS offering might be a little different to what you're used to.


At RedRock Consulting, we like to do things a little differently. While calling in managed professional services is nothing new for companies that need a little help in achieving a set business goal, we take a new approach that sets us apart from what was previously an exclusive club of ‘tier one’ businesses.

As digital technology evolves to offer cutting-edge tools and time-saving techniques, organisations seeking to stay ahead of the curve (and the competition) are eager to be the first to capitalise on new opportunities. If putting off new projects has become a habit and a backlog of user requests are building up, it’s time to call in the experts.

What is MPS?

It’s important not to get confused between managed services and managed professional services. The former encapsulates outsourcing a specific job for an extended period of time. Take the office cleaner, security officer or the I.T bod, for example – a specific role that is filled by a third-party company supplying an employee for your business. 

Managed professional services requires an outcome. The employees are working towards an objective within a contracted period of time, whether it be carrying out digital transformation, restructuring a business or project management. An end goal is there to be met before the employees depart and leave the company to it.

As well as meeting a specific target, the client is alleviated of all the menial tasks that come with running a team of employees. Performance management, resource management and delivery assurance are all taken care of by the MPS provider to ensure that the added staffing does not take a toll on the business they are there to help.

What sets RedRock apart?

In 2014, we launched our MPS offering as a means of challenging the tier one ‘land and expand’ mantra. We found that the tier one companies offering MPS took an approach that meant businesses developed a dependency on them, meaning they received extension after extension to keep the money rolling in. RedRock saw an opportunity to contest the status quo.

Positioning ourselves as a challenger to those companies, we ensure that our focus is on client enablement in every MPS agreement we enter. This means we keep the client in control, but also that once our team have finished their task, the company is in a position to pick up where they left off having been kept in the loop and given new skills during the engagement. The feedback we have received shows the impact we’ve had – we provide teams of excellence, whether it’s 10 staff or 100, by reducing the margins we take.

Why should a business consider MPS?

There are a whole host of reasons that would cause a business leader to consider outsourcing a period of transition. When a complex, one-off assignment arises – a cloud migration project, the creation of a new customer portal or a complete digital transformation – a workforce that already has roles to fulfil within the business can really be stretched at the seams. MPS not only provides specialist support to meet your requirements, other benefits include on-the-job training for existing employees, round-the-clock support and cost management.

In the business world, whichever sector it may be, innovation is a constant and the smartest organisations never stop moving. Change must be embraced by businesses in order to stay at, or get to, the forefront of their fields, and with a helping hand from an MPS provider like RedRock you can do just that.