10 December 2018
Joining RedRock: Our pathway to a new career

If you're looking for a change of direction, find out what you can expect from life at RedRock Consulting.

Our new team

RedRock Consulting have set up a new delivery team with a focus on the onboarding, training and development of new employees at the company. Headed up by Delivery Team Leader Alex Marsh, the team is now nine members strong – three of whom were existing RedRock employees, while the other six are new starters and are taking their first steps in the world of recruitment.

Alex is an experienced recruiter and has been a member of the team for some time now. First joining seven years ago as a Resourcer reporting to a Director, he then moved into consultancy, before following his passion in developing new talent Delivery Team Leader.

Recently, Alex has been focused on designing and implementing a new 13-week training and development plan to streamline the process of training new starters as they get up to speed with life at RedRock. After completing the initial training, our new RedRockers will have the chance to move into other roles, such as a New Business Consultant, an Account Manager working as the talent delivery partner with our big accounts, or they can continue in the Delivery Team if they feel it best suits them.

Each path is designed to suit the skills of the individual concerned to hone their strengths with the goal of taking on a more senior role with increased earning potential.  At RedRock we are passionate about organic progression; all of our senior team started out their journey here with little to no experience in recruitment and have been promoted from within.

“We have been adjusting our approach to onboarding, training and developing new recruits for a while and have now created this training programme with the aim of making that process as efficient as possible,” Alex explained. “It starts with an initial four-week plan which is followed by a review, then another at nine weeks and then through until the end, by which point they will have all the tools they’ll need to achieve their goals.

“It doesn’t stop there, however – new RedRockers will continue to develop the skills that they have not yet honed and will have the opportunity to grow into areas they’ve shown a particular interest in. The idea is to create a bespoke training plan which will suit them and help them reach their full potential. That’s what is different about our team – often in recruitment you’ll have several team leaders and depending on which team you’re in, you’ll be taught a different way of working and you’ll be pushed in the same direction as your peers. We challenge that status quo at RedRock because we realise that not everyone is suited to the same role, hence the opportunity to grow in different aspects of recruitment.

“The idea of this team is that everybody is taught the same, but we don’t want to hold them back if they can be beneficial to other parts of the business once they have ticked off all the initial skills. When new Resourcers come in, they’ll come through us – they’ll learn more in that intense period of three months than they would in a year doing it the way most recruitment firms do. Getting rookies in and getting them to immediately hammer the phones just isn’t the best way to support employees who are new to the industry.”

The six new starters in the team are from a range of educational backgrounds, Alex said: “Three of them are law graduates, one is a first-class chemistry graduate, and another decided against going to university and has joined us from an account management role elsewhere. They come in with no experience of the industry and we get them ready for the world of recruitment with the right training, in the right atmosphere.”

One of our directors, Phred Steer, is acting as Alex’s mentor as he leads his team, and they are already beginning to find success. The team provides support across the whole business to gain experience – when a consultant needs assistance, the delivery team will resource on live roles. This way, they learn from real-world experiences – and within nine weeks of starting, all of our new team members are making placements and starting to see commission in their pay packets.

When asked about the best thing about working here, Alex touched on the support and backing the company have given him throughout his seven-year spell at RedRock, and he’s hoping that the introduction his new role can continue to provide that for new starters while also refining the future of onboarding, training and development across the business.

Whether you’re looking at starting a career in the industry or you’re an experienced recruiter with a great track record, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact Rochelle Bowen on 0117 317 1346 or Rochelle.Bowen@RedRockConsulting.co.uk for more information.