19 April 2018
Nick's Story

From Junior Consultant to Business Development Manager

The road to BD manager ...

In 2009 I joined RedRock as a Junior Consultant.  At the time RedRock were 4 years in the running and had around 20 employees.

Having previous experience working in similar positions with competitors it was clear to me they had a different ethos to the typical recruitment consultancy.   I was given the support to adapt to this whilst retaining some of the positive habits I had picked up over the years and realised that RedRock did not have one approach or one way of working and did not pigeon hole their staff into a rigid structure of specific job functions. 

In my case, they identified my strengths and created a role that would utilise these strengths to get the best out of me.  This was nurtured and essentially led to me becoming RedRock’s Business Development Consultant.

As the company grew it evolved as did my role and my new business function became an integral cog in the RedRock machine which, in part, aided the expansion into new markets as well as new service channels.

By 2012 Redrock had matured into more than a recruitment consultancy and offered services centred around building client capabilities, delivering end to end solutions and becoming a delivery partner to its clients’.   This was great news for me as it gave me more to offer my target prospects but it also meant I would need to develop and increase my knowledge in terms of the wide ranging business & IT/digital requirements that may arise, given that each organisation is unique.   Something RedRock were more than happy to help me with.  A couple of directors in particular worked very closely with me to get me up to speed with our new service channels although I must admit, this is still a work in progress…

By luck or judgement 2012 was very timely for Redrock to form its managed professional services arm in tandem with traditional recruitment solutions, as UK Central Government set a mandate to do more business with SME’s, a category that RedRock fall into.  Again, fantastic news for me as it gave me a relatively untouched market to target. We quickly gained position on various supply frameworks and I could start having intelligent (loosely speaking) conversations with C-level executives within Government organisations about delivering our end to end solutions.  This is of great interest to me, as the world of “digital” was being realised by both public and private sector organisations as a way of cutting costs and increasing business efficiencies, something I am very passionate about. 

Since 2012 RedRock has gradually increased its portfolio of clients and case studies within the managed professional services space and I like to think I have made a significant contribution to that.  

The company are now 70 strong with over 4500 associates, multiple in-flight programmes running but we don’t want to stop there….and on that note I had better get on in my attempts to drum up some opportunities!  Thanks for reading…