12 July 2019
A people-first approach to business development

By James Forbes, Senior Consultant

A commitment to professional development on an individual basis over the past five years has facilitated RedRock's business growth across the board.

A people-first approach to business development

A lot can happen in five years. I joined RedRock Consulting back in 2014, and since then they’ve allowed me to unlock a number of doors in my career. Having spent the past half a decade working here, I’ve recently been promoted to Senior Consultant as a reward for 12 months of consistent performance in my previous role. This proves once again that my decision to join this company was the right one.

Personal development is a huge part of working for RedRock. It was what enticed me to join the business, and what I hope continues to attract people to work with us. If you’re looking for evidence of that, I’m your man.

I left my last company because I’d hit a bit of a dead-end in my development and joining RedRock gave me the chance to become a more rounded, experienced Consultant. Coming from an Account Manager role, in which you can often be actively dissuaded from bringing in new business in the interest of focussing on existing clients, I wanted a new challenge to prove myself. Having started with a few fledgling accounts, I was then tasked with bringing in my own clients and making new business calls – exactly what I was after.

In the early days there were a few dropped calls and some attempts to win managers over with my spiel – looking back, they were far from my finest moments! But RedRock’s development process soon had me on the way to the 360 Consultant that I am now. Rather than disregarding me, the company worked with me to create a formula that started hitting home. From there I was left with an element of autonomy, knowing help was there when I needed it, to build up my desk.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I’ve tasked myself with broadening my scope to the benefit of both RedRock and my clients. My current remit covers IT roles in infrastructure, application and software development, project management and service support, but for my A-list clients I’ve begun extending my reach beyond tech – I don’t want to get into the territory of being a jack of all trades, master of none, but if the need is there then I’m able to fulfil it. Specialist equals expert, and that’s what I want to continue to be seen as.

RedRock’s development process has given me the autonomy that I was looking for to take a step forward in my career, allowing me to explore new avenues of business and make those decisions largely for myself. I must be doing something right to have reached the next level, but I can’t let that slip. I still have the same targets of following up leads, continuing to make new business calls and bringing in new clients.

It is the business’ award-winning focus on my own personal development, and that of the other members of staff here, that has allowed the business to naturally evolve. Five years ago, RedRock was a very different place to work – we’ve now evolved our service lines, realigned our goals and, because of this, we’re achieving some amazing results. Our Managed Professional Services function is flourishing, our talent sourcing and acquisition continues to succeed, and our team of people is stronger than ever.