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About System C

System C is the UK’s leading health and social care software and services company. With over 35 years’ experience in the health and social care sectors, the organisation currently employs over 525 staff that are dedicated to improving patient care.

The System C & Graphnet Care Alliance

System C is also part of a strategic partnership that strives to offer integrated solutions across health and social care called the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance. This united organisation has over 800 employees and is recognised for supporting NHS and social care providers so that they can meet the agenda of the NHS Long Term Plan.


RedRock began its relationship by recruiting for Careflow; the developer of the Careflow mobile communications system for clinicians and care professionals. In 2016, System C acquired Careflow and integrated its product suite into the other services that System C offered.

As a result of filling several key positions for Careflow, RedRock was invited to recruit for the larger System C group – the structure of which is outlined below.


System C & Graphnet Care Alliance is made up of three separate services:

  • System C Healthcare, which provides modern, easy-to-use, integrated clinical and administrative IT solutions to the NHS.
  • Graphnet Health, which is the UK’s foremost supplier of integrated care record software to the NHS, social and care services.
  • Liquidlogic, which is the fastest-growing supplier of software for Local Authority social care and education management services.

RedRock first proved itself with a limited number of roles with System C Healthcare, building upon the success of our previous work with Careflow. Following this, we were then invited to source suitable candidates for both Graphnet and Liquidlogic. As the group had offices in Maidstone, Milton Keynes, Warrington and Garforth, we also showed that we had the ability to source quality candidates from across the country.


What RedRock offers

Since 2005 RedRock has been successfully helping many different companies from a wide range of sectors with their IT recruitment challenges. We offer our clients a leadership team of directors who each have over 20 years' experience of working in the IT recruitment sector.

This experience means that RedRock’s clients have access to a huge and diverse database of IT specialists, both active and passive. This resource allows RedRock the ability to cherry-pick the most suitable candidates from a huge pool that best fit the job description and the client’s particular company culture.

Following a number of successful hires and our introduction to the different services of the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, RedRock was well placed to help the group as it continued to grow.

Recruiting for the Alliance

In 2020, the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance rose to the challenge of the emerging Covid-19 pandemic by looking to expand its workforce across System C, Graphnet and Liquidlogic. Due to a large increase in requirements (as a result of winning a number of high-profile projects) and the demanding IT jobs market, its existing recruiters were struggling to find suitable candidates.

Because of the relationship that we had developed during our previous successful hires, System C & Graphnet Care Alliance’s HR department turned to RedRock to solve its recruitment issues. When faced with this task we quickly utilised our extensive database of passive and active IT specialists to offer the clients a range of highly qualified and experienced candidates.


47 roles in 18 months

RedRock managed to place 47 roles in 18 months across System C, Graphnet and Liquidlogic. System C was highly impressed by both the quality and the speed of our recruitment efforts considering the adverse conditions of the market. By exceeding its expectations, we helped the organisation ensure that vital services were available to the public during one of Britain’s most difficult periods.

One of the most worthwhile projects that RedRock recruited for was the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance’s work in immunisation.

The National Immunisation Management project

The National Immunisation Management Service (or NIMS as it is known) supports the management of the influenza and Covid-19 vaccination programmes across England. It assists in nearly all parts of the national vaccination services, such as recording vaccinations and identifying the most important patients to be vaccinated. It is also the National Immunisation System of Record and provides data for Public Health England, NHS England and at the ministerial level. 

With the enhanced winter flu programme planned for August 2020 and the national Covid-19 system for December 2020, System C had to quickly expand its operations so that NIMS’ targets were met. Thankfully, RedRock’s extensive database of IT professionals combined with a thorough understanding of System C’s culture, ensured that NIMS was able to contribute towards the huge success of the UK’s national immunisation programmes.

The roles that we filled across the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance

  • Application Support Analysts
  • Interface Specialists
  • Population Health Analytics Analysts
  • Population Health Analytics Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Technical Authors
  • Quality Managers
  • Release Train Engineers
  • Client Implementation Specialists
  • Software Developers
  • Clinical Project Managers


The future

At RedRock, we aim to form a level of trust with each client so that we can build a long-lasting relationship with their best long-term interests at heart. By taking the time to know the organisation and its culture, we can make the most of our considerable resources to find the right candidate.

RedRock is proud to be able to play a worthwhile part in projects that ultimately save lives. With the fantastic work that System C continues to do in the healthcare sector, we look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

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