28 February 2019
Climbing the recruitment ladder

By Luke Fuidge, Team Manager

I look back on my journey from joining RedRock as a resourcer, to becoming a Team Manager

Climbing the recruitment ladder

When I first joined RedRock Consulting, I was a recruitment rookie. I’d worked in marketing, managed events and had some consultancy experience under my belt, but I’d never resourced or placed candidates before. Nevertheless, it was a career that appealed to me – I’d been told I had the natural characteristics of a recruiter and the fact that my input would be rewarded with great incentives was a real pull.

I was starting from the bottom of the ladder. My first role in the company was as a Resourcer, the same role that most people joining this industry will take up. I saw immediately that RedRock’s approach was refreshing and the support network they offer is one of a kind – there is an element of trust that you don’t get in many other places of work. I was trained by one of our directors, Phred Steer, and soon found that RedRock apply just the right amount of pressure to keep you moving forward.

And moving forward is just what I did. I was given the opportunity to move teams and began working with another of our directors, Brendan Johnston, and that’s when my recruitment career was really kickstarted. I learned so much working with Phred, but different managers are better suited to some people more than others. It isn’t one size fits all at RedRock, and Brendan’s style of management is exactly what I needed, and his approach is what sent me in the right direction.

Now I’m a Team Manager – I’ve gone from a Resourcer to a Consultant with two Resourcers, to a Team Leader and now a Manager leading six consultants – but that support network hasn’t disappeared. I’ve been at RedRock for nearly nine years, and in that time I’ve come to notice that every few years there is a cycle of wondering why you’re still in the industry. It’s no secret that recruitment is a stressful job, and without the right people around you it can be easy to throw in the towel. But the directors recognise that and they see when you’re in that place; they’ll sit down with you, get to the bottom of the problem and help you refocus.

Throughout my time here, I’ve seen people go through that cycle and I’ve been through it myself. One month your billings are excellent, and you’re reaping the rewards from that – the commission, the trips, the cars – and a month or two later you can be at the bottom of the leaderboard and struggling. When that happens, the support and coaching on offer is second-to-none. They could easily look at you and say you’re underperforming and start ushering you towards the exit, but instead they’ll help you through those difficult periods. I certainly experienced that a good few times in my first two years. It took a little while to get to where I am now, but I’ve got here nonetheless.

I’m not the only one, either. I’ve been here for almost nine years and a number of my current colleagues were here on my very first day. I’ve seen others come a long way having joined after me too: Alex Marsh is a great example – he also joined under Phred’s tutelage and is now our Team Leader overseeing our new starters. You don’t stand still at RedRock, they have an eye for talent and make sure that you maximise it. I’ve had opportunities to leave the company, but why would I leave to do the same job for somebody else who isn’t giving me the same level of support and guidance?

Luke Fuidge is one of our Team Managers at RedRock. He joined in 2010 and achieved his most recent promotion from the role of Team Leader last year.