25 March 2019
Following the RedRock road

By Tim Frost, Major Account Manager

When RedRock was founded in 2005, I was the company's very first employee, but since then my role has changed significantly along with the business.

Following the RedRock road

However you look at it, 14 years is a long time. Back in 2005, our phones flipped shut, we didn’t have Twitter and Gareth Southgate was still a Premier League player, rather than an international manager – it’s also the year I started my job at RedRock Consulting as the company’s very first employee.

It’s a long time to spend at one place of work in any sector, but it’s a particularly extended period in the recruitment space. Most UK employees think you should change your employer every five years, so I’ve certainly bucked that trend, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve had a whole range of jobs at RedRock and simply haven’t needed to look elsewhere.

I started, 14 years ago, on the bottom rung of the ladder. I had worked with the Directors before RedRock was founded and they took me on when they formed the company as a Resourcer. Working for all six Directors meant I had work coming at me left, right and centre, so it was all go from the outset and that put me in a really good position. Ever since then, I’ve not stopped learning.

As the company has grown from those early days, I’ve been able to grow with it. I’ve developed accounts, brought in new business and managed entire teams. RedRock’s personal development process has meant that I’ve gained experience at every level of the business, which has allowed me to now move out of the recruitment sector altogether, as they began expanding their offering a number of years ago.

My role is now entirely focused within managed professional services. Having run a lively and successful desk in the recruitment side of the business as a Principle Consultant, I’m now a Major Account Manager where it is my responsibility to lead the creation and management of contract teams that are working onsite at some of our leading clients. My background is in contract recruitment, so the transition wasn’t difficult, but it’s where the industry is heading and it’s where RedRock saw my talents best utilised.

Over the past decade and a half, my role has evolved and it’s always been what I’ve wanted, so I’ve never had any temptation to go elsewhere – after all, a rolling stone gathers no moss – and that is a huge credit to the way the Directors do things here. If they see the talent in you, they’ll back you and invest in your career as much as you need them to in order to achieve your goals. I’ve experienced that myself, and now as part of the senior leadership team at RedRock, I’m seeing our new starters benefit from the same approach.

Take for example people like Andrew Perrin, who joined us last year and just earned his first promotion, prove that they’ve maintained their strategy and it’s still paying dividends. The opportunity is here, it’s all about how the talent reacts to it – whether or not they have the desire and the work ethic. I was always told that you get out as much as you put into something, and that couldn’t be more true than at RedRock.