5 April 2019
Going full circle

By Matthew Butler, Team Manager

Having joined RedRock Consulting to learn from the Directors, it's now my turn to impart my knowledge of the sector on our new starters.

Going full circle

Life tends to go full circle. We see it in sport a lot, with ex-players becoming managers and coaches, but it tends to happen in most other walks of life as well – recruitment being my case in point. You won’t find anyone in a senior position at a consultancy firm that hasn’t been at the bottom of the career ladder before and worked their way right to the top.

I joined RedRock Consulting in 2006, when we were a much smaller team based in the office downstairs. The main selling point in my decision to join the company was the fact that their six directors, some of whom I’d worked with before, all had a wealth of industry experience that they were clearly keen to pass on to a new generation of recruiters.

Back then, some 13 years ago, all I wanted to do was learn. Brendan Johnston took me under his wing, and I learned much of what I know from him – from being a Resourcer, to a Consultant, to a Team Leader and now a Team Manager. Luke Fuidge, who has shared a similar progression path to me, and I now head up teams of consultants who are nearer the beginning of their recruitment careers.

They’re tasked with managing the client base they already have, as well as bringing in new ones to helping the business continue to grow. Although most of them have at least two years’ experience in recruitment, our progression structure is changing so that people who are being promoted from Alex Marsh’s resourcing team come to work in either my team or Luke’s team.

Andrew Perrin is a prime example, and the first to have moved up in the new setup. He’s joined us as a young guy with no recruitment experience, and he’s shown nothing but tenacity and hard work since he came on board. He’s joined Luke’s team, but the next person to step up will probably join my team and that’s when my new challenge begins – to take someone who doesn’t necessarily have an established client base and help them build that through not just training, but also sharing my existing clients with them.

Hopefully it shows that the process has gone full circle. I joined RedRock to learn from others – which I still am – but now those joining us today will learn from me. It’s the same in any walk of life; you start as a junior and learn from those above you, and if you stay in the industry long enough then you’ll be the one teaching the newbies. I’ve done in once or twice before, but never with an established team, so it’s now my responsibility to help them be better at what they do and raise the standards. There are always improvements to be made, and the same goes for me – I’m still learning from Brendan and the rest of the Directors.

If I was to outline the perfect junior consultant to join my team, I’d ask that they’re driven, hard-working and open-minded – there’s no room for passengers or dreamers in the industry. Every so often you get someone through the door and they think that in six months they’ll have a new flat in Clifton and a sports car, but that’s a pipedream. The earning potential is certainly there, but it takes time, effort and determination – skills which are crucial to being a good recruiter, and ones we look for in all our new starters.

If you’re interested in finding out more about starting your career in the industry with RedRock Consulting, get in touch with us through our work for us page.