23 June 2019
Graduation is just the beginning

By Luke Mallorie, Junior Consultant

What happens when you want to opt for a career outside of your degree discipline? Our Junior Consultant, Luke Mallorie, talks about life after law school. 


It’s not easy kickstarting your career. Either you start straight from school, or you head to university to hone your skills further before venturing into the big wide world. Like a lot of people, I finished university and lacked the same passion for my subject that I had going into it – in my case, it was law. I studied at the University of the West of England for three years, graduated, and then realised that it wasn’t for me. As a result, I wasn’t sure where to turn to next. 

I started looking around at potential careers, knowing just a few things: I wanted to stay in Bristol, my hometown; I wanted to develop myself both personally and professionally; and I wanted to be a specialist, not a generalist. When I came across RedRock, they ticked all three boxes and I was sold – I had to apply. 

With no industry experience, they took me on. I was assured that I wouldn’t be thrown in the deep end, and needless to say I wasn’t. I became part of Alex Marsh’s new resourcing team, and alongside a handful of others we learned everything there is to know about resourcing candidates before moving on to other teams – my next stop was business development, preparing me for further stages of my career. 

After sticking to it, and within a year of first entering the industry, I’ve now been promoted to Junior Consultant. The fact that I was able to go beyond what I needed to learn as a Junior Resourcer has meant that I’ve not had a standing start. It could have been a daunting challenge, but it hasn’t been – for a lot of reasons. Whether that’s the training I’ve had, the support on offer or the general culture around the office. There’s someone with you every step of the way while you’re learning – they leave you to crack on with the job at hand, but as soon as you need that little nudge in the right direction, they’re right there with you. 

The office culture is worth a special mention in this regard, and I think a large part of that is because of the interview process. In joining the company, you’re asked to play a quick game that assesses your personality and the way you go about solving problems. Because of this, everyone at RedRock gets on together really well – we’re certainly not cut from the same cloth and everyone brings something different to the table, but there is a cohesion that makes for a fantastic work environment. That goes from solving day-to-day challenges in the office, right the way to running the Bristol 10k as a team, which was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. 

I was born and raised in Bristol, I went to university here and now I’ve started my career here. I’m often asked why I haven’t left yet, but to me it’s a no-brainer. It’s the city where my friends and family are, and the career opportunities here are endless. Earning a promotion within my first year has proven that RedRock stay true to their word; the only thing stopping you from progressing in your career here is yourself, and I’m not going to let me get in the way.