12 April 2019
Keeping the wheels turning

By Kate Butler, Assistant Financial Controller

The back-office stereotype is mundane and monotonous – the reality is anything but that.

Keeping the wheels turning

Recruitment isn’t all about being on the sales floor. Back-office teams play a crucial part in the running of recruitment and business consultancy firms, and RedRock Consulting is no different in that regard.

I’ve worked here since 2011, having joined from another recruitment agency where I had spent five years. Not once have I been listed among our top billers, nor even spoken to a candidate about a new role. I’ve worked in the industry for more than a decade, but I’ve always been a member of the back-office team.

I work in finance where I process the invoice for our clients, I am responsible for the credit control and take a role in preparing some management accounts and MI information. My role has developed over the years and I’ve taken on more responsibility and become a senior member of the team.

Joining from another agency, the roles and responsibilities asked of me at RedRock were nothing beyond what I was already used to. What I did see, and what has prompted me to stay here for eight years and counting, was an amazing place to work with Directors that value you no matter what position you’re working in.

It wasn’t just for show, either. It’s easy to go into a job interview and for the employer to put on a front, only for you to start working there and realise that everything isn’t quite as it seemed. RedRock has had the same feel about it for the eight years I’ve been here, and I imagine for many years before that – we’ve got employees who have been here for a decade or more.

The proof is in the pudding. There’s a lot of different perks on offer here that I’ve not experienced anywhere else I’ve worked before, including some amazing holidays that I’ve been on with the back-office team and the company as a whole. Most recently, the whole team went to Dublin for a weekend to celebrate our achievements at the Best Companies awards. The recruiters get to go on trips for hitting their targets, but we’re not left behind in the back-office – I’ve been lucky enough to go to Barcelona, Palma and Marbella as reward for the work our team does.

To top it off, I was also one of 10 promotions that the company has made so far this year. The recruitment progression ladder can be quite formulaic – you’re a Resourcer, then a Consultant, a Senior Consultant, Team Leader and so on – but it’s less set-in-stone as a back-office employee. Once again, it was reward from the Directors in acknowledgement of my consistent hard work and success.

It’s much easier to be successful in a role you enjoy, working with like-minded people. Every single day is different, it’s fast-paced and that presents its own challenges that keep me, and the rest of the back-office, on our toes. There’s always a query to deal with or an issue to get to the bottom of. Although there are monthly things we do, as you would expect in a finance role, one day to the next is never the same.

The back-office team is lovely. We’re a small group, but the relationships we have with each other are amazing and I really enjoy coming into work every day. When you hear my job title – Assistant Financial Controller – you might immediately think of it as being a mundane finance job that keeps us ticking over and keeps the wheels turning. Some days that might be true, but more often it’s much more than that, and RedRock have always seen and recognised the value in the work we do, and that makes a big difference.