19 March 2019
Taking the first step

By Andrew Perrin, Junior Consultant

I'm the first Junior Resourcer to earn promotion from RedRock's new training programme, so I've taken stock of my seven months with the business so far.

Taking the first step

This week, I started my new role as a Junior Consultant. I joined RedRock Consulting in July as a recruitment rookie – I’d worked in sales before, but this was a new challenge for me – and I was joined by eight others in Alex Marsh’s newly formed delivery team.

I knew I wanted a recruitment role and that Bristol is where I wanted to be, but that didn’t narrow it down – there are around 70 recruitment and consultancy firms in the city. Right off the bat, RedRock stood out. Their hiring process was fresh, unique and modern. Everything else I had experienced in the hunt for a new job felt like a grilling, but in becoming a RedRocker I didn’t have to endure a gruelling psychometric test or jump through hoops, I just had to play a game.

The game, made by Arctic Shores, benchmarks participants against existing RedRock employees to make sure you’re the right fit for the company. It assesses you as a person, not just as a candidate, and since joining the team eight months ago I’ve seen the proof that it works. We’re one big team, everyone gets along and we’re all on the same wavelength.

Since July, my role as a Junior Resourcer has been to find appropriate CVs for roles that consultants currently have. Everything I’ve done has been on the candidate side, so it’s all about understanding what makes a good CV and who is a good candidate. Now I’m making to change to the role of Junior Consultant where I’ll be focused more on business development – it’s a different kettle of fish, but it’s very exciting.

Working with Alex, as well as RedRock Director Phred Steer, has prepared me well for the change in role. Their focus over the 13-week training period is to master the responsibilities of a Resourcer so that once you move on to be a Consultant, you know the kind of person a client is looking for and who will be a good fit for a role. You’re then taking on the additional tasks of following new business leads, which isn’t something I’ve had the chance to do before at RedRock. Now I’m getting in touch with businesses who are on the lookout for candidates, some of whom may already be working with other search firms, and I have to demonstrate why RedRock is the right choice.

It’s the step up I’ve been working towards and aiming for since July, but I know the hardest work is still to come. Alex’s training has been invaluable – he’s a really good people person who has a grip on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, meaning everyone is given the support they specifically need – and it’s made the transition into the role really smooth.

The most exciting thing, though, is knowing that this is just the first step to take. One thing that is particularly interesting about RedRock is that there are those of us who have been here for less than a year, alongside people who have spent a decade or more building their career here. It goes to show that the progression opportunities are there to be earned at RedRock – without moving from agency to agency – and it’s clear that the company is constantly trying to develop its people and, in turn, itself.

Our team is growing. If you're interested in finding out more about taking your first step into the world of recruitment and consultancy, and the progression opportunities beyond that, view our job post on LinkedIn.