Reliable, Responsive, Refreshing


And this is what it means for you.

We have a unique ‘best value’ remuneration model whereby a high proportion of what clients pay goes into their project resource (not our overheads). It means you’re guaranteed better value and better outcomes and the team is empowered and motivated.

We work collaboratively with clients as one team focused on project delivery – and well beyond. It means that together we create a lasting legacy through knowledge transfer, client enablement, ownership and independence (not costly dependence).

We take accountability seriously, working on-site and integrating ourselves into client teams. It means you can be sure of complete transparency, effective collaboration and oversight of progress throughout.

We understand that revolutionary ways of working carries a degree of risk, so every Redrock transformation project is Director-led. It means you receive a seamless end-to-end service through consultancy, strategy, delivery and exit. Your reputation is safe in our hands.

We consistently succeed when it comes to ‘finding unfindable’ candidates: this is reflected in client relationships that, in some cases, go back more than 20 years. It means that, through us, you have access to an unlimited talent pool.

We work nationwide with an extensive, highly skilled and experienced associate network of over 4,000 professionals across the country. It means you achieve what you need, where and when you need it, at lower cost.

We have a history of delivery and enviable access to more skills and experience than any other transformation partner. It means you don’t get juniors and we’re not training our teams at your expense.

For us, it’s personal. Every relationship is unique, but all are based on honesty, straight talking and partnership working. It means you can trust us to get the job done.

We put skills, experience and delivery record before process, hierarchy and margins. Because we know that your success is built on our people.