We enable organisations

To keep pace with technological progress

We help them embrace new ways of working using digital, mobile and emerging technologies. We help them transform their teams, operations, services and digital infrastructure to ensure they’re fit for the next decade. We do this through people.

We help build outstanding workforces to achieve business goals. This could mean finding experts to complete an in-house team. Or it could mean delivering a fully outsourced project - enterprise architecture, information security, cyber security, web and mobile development, cloud solution design, legacy to cloud rationalisation - from discovery through to testing, transition and legacy refresh.

helping you embrace
new ways of working
what we do

We build formidable workforces to achieve your business goals.

This could mean, for example:

  • Discovery
  • Delivery management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Information security
  • Cyber security
  • Web and mobile development
  • Cloud solution design
  • Legacy to cloud rationalisation
  • Service transition
  • Testing
  • Transition management

With an unrivalled pool of skills and experience to draw on, RedRock’s capabilities are not restricted to pre-determined rate cards and off-the-shelf solutions. We consult and collaborate with clients in detail to define what outcomes are required and by when. We then deliver the who and the how and help you understand why.

‘Finding unfindable candidates’ for clients looking to fill permanent or interim roles remains a core part of our business. We have a unique pool of talent - intelligent go-getters that create real value from day one - that work with us (and us only) because they like the way we do things and because we have impressive roles to fill.

We also have a fast-growing Managed Professional Services business for clients looking for end-to-end support to achieve a transformational goal. Our heritage in recruitment and access to the broadest skillset gives us considerable advantage in creating highly effective delivery teams to optimise project outcomes.

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