12 July 2022
Empire Fighting Chance partnership announcement


We are proud to announce that we are joining forces with Empire Fighting Chance to help young people experiencing emotional and behavioural issues as a result of social and economic exclusion.

Why has RedRock partnered with Empire?

At RedRock we are very passionate about our local community and that is why we want to explore a variety of ways that can help it thrive.

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the more deprived areas and especially the young people that live there. They have been faced with emotional distress and social exclusion which can be detrimental to their development and push them into desperation. Drug use, dealing drugs and joining street gangs are consequence of the hardship that youngsters are going through. Empire Fighting Chance are tackling this with a fusion of non-contact boxing and intensive personal support which give the youngsters confidence and helps them recognise toxic environment and stay away from it. They are our future and that is why we want to provide more than just financial support, we want to get out and be there for them.

RedRock has a personal connection with the charity and their cause. One of the reasons is that some of our colleagues have experienced their service first hand, found comfort and felt support in their approach. Three out of five of our directors have come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We are passionate about helping children start on the right path and receiving the career support and educational mentoring can help them realise their true potential.  This is another reason why we feel so emotionally connected to Empire’s cause and will do our best to support it.

How did Empire Fighting Chance come to life?

Empire Fighting Chance began in 2010 when the founders spotted two young men dealing drugs in a park near the gym and tackle the boys’ behaviour. Inviting the youngsters in for a private training session lead to a discussion on the issues they faced. Both enjoyed the session and turned up the following week with a few friends. Within six weeks 50 young people were attending sessions five nights a week. Over time, they evolved from a small boxing project into running the UK’s largest non-contact boxing schools engagement programme.

How do they help?

By participating in sport, young people gain support in ways that feel natural, encouraging them to turn up, build trust and go on to make changes in their lives. Using boxing as the foundation for change Empire’s approach builds on top of that and uses a set of tools that enable them to connect with young people. This includes non-contact boxing, mentoring, education, therapy and careers support to form a comprehensive package.


The future

With a constant growth in interest from the wider society and a growing number of partnerships Empire are scaling up and have expanded their reach to North Wales, Northern England, South Wales and South West England. They are combining their expertise with the knowledge local organisations and during 2021 Exeter City Football Club Community Trust, Young People of Cornwall and 13 other organisations have delivered the charity’s programmes to 1,387 people in 2021.

  • Train: In 2022 EFC have started to train other boxing clubs to their proven approach and there has been applications from clubs from across the country
  • Influence: Growing their influence among policy makers and practitioners to shine a light on the struggles young people face and to promote solutions such as community-rooted approaches and greater investment in youth services
  • Improve: Developing new ways to approach and tackle challenges is another priority for Empire. Gathering and analysing data from parents/carers and schools is an initiative that will help them improve their current programmes and make more informed and data-driven decisions

Find out more about Empire Fighting Chance here