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Corporate social responsibility – RedRock Consulting

Corporate social responsibility

Our mission here is clear

RedRock has embedded Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a business behaviour that does not only deliver commercial objectives but also has a positive impact on society. This is why we have implemented the Triple Bottom Line Approach. This approach allows us to measure and reflect on our business performance against economic, social and environmental factors enabling a more holistic approach to measuring performance. We are eager to create and promote an environment where inclusive culture dominates, we show more respect and care to the environment and have a supportive community as a standard.


A graph describing our social value commitments including safe & productive working environment, supporting & improving our local community, reducing our carbon footprint, promoting diversity & inclusion in society

Social value

At the core of our values is delivering positive change holistically. We are socially accountable and committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity, providing a safe and productive environment for our employees, supporting the local community and reducing our carbon footprint. As a supplier to the UK government, we closely follow the government standards set in regard to social value.

UK Government Social Value Act


RedRock’s key areas of focus towards CSR

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