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Corporate social responsibility - Wellbeing


At RedRock, people are our workforce and our business!

People are at the heart of RedRock and we work hard to look after ours – physically, mentally, emotionally. By putting their needs first, we’ll continue to deliver successful outcomes to all our clients.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come, recently coming 1st in the Top 100 UK Best Small Companies to Work For and 1st in the Consultancy’s Best Company to Work For categories.


“One team”

The RedRock culture is built on respect, openness and honesty in all interactions and we are committed to keeping it that way. That is what it means to be a RedRocker.

We are flexible. All employees are consulted on their needs and we adjust accordingly so that everyone can feel part of One Team. We support a flat organisational structure to keep things simple, ensure smooth communication, reduce “red tape” and no one has an office here – one team, one office.


Working environment

Creating the best possible working environment for our team is something that we prioritise as a business.

Feeling comfortable and at ease while working is important to us and we have made a number of adjustments to provide the right environment. By adopting a casual dress policy in the office, we reduce the strictness of the traditional corporate environment and aim to help everyone feel more relaxed. Staff have a number of ways to detach from work while being in the office. This is in the form of a chill-out area, a games area and large kitchen space to simply sit and eat lunch away from your desk. We also have well equipped kitchen facilities and an on site shower room to help you keep up any daily routines you have around work.

Providing flexibility to our employees is another of our priorities. We’ve ensured that we have all the right tools, processes and technology to enable our team to work from anywhere. We allow the team to make their own decisions if they want to be solely based in the office, at home or adopt hybrid working with a mix between home-working and office-based.

The location of our office is in the vibrant Clifton area. The area is abundant in shops, restaurants and also lots of open green spaces to get some fresh air during your breaks or maybe an outside meeting. When driving to work is your only option, we provide off street parking to the team. We also encourage alternative ways of commuting and we are part of the Cycle To Work Scheme.

#1 Best Small Company to Work For

In 2021 we were honoured to be 1st in the Top 100 UK Best Small Companies to Work For and 1st in the Consultancy’s Best Company to Work For categories at the Best Companies live award show. This is the culmination of our duty to provide and improve our working environment for everyone. Our Managing Director, Dean Harte, accepted the award live via video link to the award ceremony.

Mental health

Supporting mental health is particularly important to RedRock.

We normalise the discussion of mental health at RedRock and consider it our responsibility to ensure that our team is happy by making the issue a normal topic for discussion. We also provide free counselling services to all of our employees via our benefits partner, PerkBox.

Like most workers across the country, RedRock’s team was required to work from home during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help people working alone during this challenging time, we made additional efforts to provide the mental health support required.

Since flexible working was introduced at RedRock, we adopted flexible approaches to staying in touch with our team. Keeping-in Touch initiatives such as regular video calls with line managers, virtual team social events, and establishing new ways of collaborative working, were employed to support the strong sense of community at RedRock.

Team spirit

A number of employees engaging in RedRock's canteen

We are committed to maintaining an environment with high team morale and cooperative spirit and there are a number of ways in which we do that.

RedRock is proud to provide leave-early-Fridays with pizza and an organised team event every second Friday of the month: team quiz, boat trip, bowling, sports day and visiting sports events just to name a few.

Once a year there is an international break for the whole company – in the past few years, we’ve visited Dublin, New York and Tenerife. Everyone is always very excited to go away and this is a great way to demonstrate appreciation alongside building the team morale and developing stronger relationships across our business.

Developing a strong team spirit away from work increases the sense of belonging, strengthens the trust between colleagues, improves creativity and promotes work synergy.

Enabling success

We understand wellbeing goes far beyond making our staff feel good but also into the continuous investment and development of them and their careers and that is exactly what we are trying to enable at RedRock.

Three out of five of our directors have come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and they are proud to be able to use the RedRock platform to give something back. Our founders still work in our open plan office, remaining as hands-on as they were on day one which allows them to continue to inspire and develop our staff across the business.

Online training courses are available to all of our staff as well as bespoke training if our staff request something specific they’d like to develop skills on. Discussions of improving employees’ career development plans are mandatory when executing a yearly review with our employees.

The results of a staff survey carried out in 2021 demonstrate that our approach to inspiration works. 100% of staff agreed to the statement that “I am inspired by the person leading this organisation”.

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