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Who are RedRock

Who are RedRock

Positive change is our business

Our story

From our launch in 2005, we’ve worked in technology. It’s what we know, what we do, why we’re here. And all this experience, all this time spent immersing ourselves in the sector, ensures that we don’t just help clients keep pace with tech and its relentless evolution; we help them to get ahead and stay ahead – of the curve, of their competition, of the transformation agenda.

To our clients in the public and private sector, we’re trusted partners and critical friends. We help them to make positive change through strategy and technology – for their people, their customers and society as a whole.

And doing societal good is really important to us. To everyone at RedRock. From buying local to using less, from opening up tech careers to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, to creating a workplace that works better for everyone, we understand the role we must play in building a more cohesive, more just society.

More on our commitment to our team, our clients, and our wider community.


Our commitment

to our corporate social responsibility

Sustainability: Learn about our commitment to net zero
Equality: Learn about the diversity of our teams and our practices
Wellbeing: Learn about how we support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of staff
Community: Learn about recent projects which have had a positive impact on our local community

Industry recognition

Officially a World Class Company to work for

Our chairman Dean Harte interviewed by Best Companies regarding our Best Small Business To Work for award

A successful outcome that delivers the positive change our clients need – that’s our greatest reward. That’s why we’re all here. But it’s nice to be recognised by our peers, awarded by our industry.

In 2021, RedRock took home Best Company awards for both the top small company and the best consultancy company to work for. In 2022, we received the highest accreditation – 3 Star World Class status – for the fourth year running.

These awards demonstrate our continued commitment to our people, their wellbeing, and work environment. Because it’s our people who deliver positive change through strategy and technology for our clients.

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