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Corporate social responsibility - Sustainability


"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

RedRockers have committed to minimising the negative impact that our company has on the environment and we are dedicated to supporting the causes that strive to improve global sustainability.

To help the UK hit its Net Zero target while helping protect the environment for future generations, we have made sustainability a key part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


Carbon Neutrality commitment

RedRock pledges to maintain our emission-cutting commitments and reach Net Zero by 2024. In order to achieve these targets, we have adopted a number of procedures including:

We have also joined forces with nationwide SME standards and international initiatives:

  • Joining the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign and formulating a Carbon Reduction plan to achieve this.
  • Become a signatory of the SME Climate Commitment where we aim to disclose our progress on a yearly basis.
  • Commitment to the ISO 50005 standard that helps small and medium-sized organisations develop a practical, low-cost approach to energy management.

Working with external stakeholders

RedRock want to do more than just improve our own sustainable practices – we want to inspire others to follow.

We always prioritise suppliers that are local and offer social benefits to the community that they serve. By choosing local milk and food suppliers, for example, we keep money in the community while also enjoying the additional green benefits of lower emissions via less transportation.

By doing our supplier research and encouraging partners to adopt similar policies, we aim to set a good example to other businesses and help the UK achieve its Net Zero target. We are also bidding on contracts with organisations that have high social or environmental value. This way we can motivate other companies to become sustainable.

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