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Technology Solutions - Discover

User-first, human-centred, outcome-focused.

User-first, human-centred, outcome-focused. This is the thinking, the philosophy, that guides discovery. Through discovery, we’ll help you better understand the solution options open to you. All the options.

How we’ll help

Discovery ensures that we deeply understand the underlying drivers for change. Not just the solutions proposed. As well as setting a clear roadmap to success, we identify the capabilities we need, and highlight any constraints or challenges. We also explore future options and (to-be) target designs.

Our discovery process includes:

  • Creating an expert team mapped to your specific needs
  • Understanding the vision, and clearly defining goals and measures of success
  • Outlining the value proposition for the project
  • Following a user-centric design approach, conducting and analysing user research to identify needs
  • Understanding the broader context and factors that will influence direction.

Aligning against your ambition

Discovery all comes together in a discovery report or business case. We present this to you, to your stakeholders and senior leaders, to make sure that everyone’s aligned and on board.

Through discovery, we deliver

Discovery gives you context, evidence, clarity. Confidence. You’ll know what’s happening when. Why it’s happening. Discovery reduces costly mistakes, misunderstanding and unnecessary functionality.


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