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Verify your ID - RedRock Consulting

Verify your ID

We need to confirm your right to work in the UK


You’re about to start working for RedRock Consulting.

We will now commence our onboarding & compliance process. You will receive additional instructions on what supporting documentation you may need to supply to RedRock, so please look out for further emails from us, however initially we need to verify your right to work in the UK.


Start your identity check

Please select the appropriate link below based on the passport you hold and you will be guided step by step through the ID verification process. We’ve partnered with HooYu, please see below for more information.


If you require assistance or run into difficulties, please contact


RedRock has partnered with HooYu

HooYu is RedRock’s trusted ID verification partner. HooYu will quickly and safely verify your ID using digital footprints, ID document authentication and facial biometrics. It’s not only safer, it also speeds up your onboarding experience. From October 1st 2022, the UK Government mandated that digital identity checks must be confirmed via an approved Identity Service Provider (IDSP). HooYu is listed on as a UKAS certified IDSP. UKAS is appointed by the UK Government.

To prove your right to work in the UK HooYu will ask you to do the following:

Provide name & contact details, Take a selfie, Take a photo of your ID


Read more about HooYu here


LEARN MORE Guidance Certified IDSP List

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