Supporting the expansion of a retail software market leader

Our client is a Bath-based market leader in innovative software for the retail industry. By producing software that is purpose-built for the edge, the company enables retailers to facilitate their digital transformation by optimising their existing store technology.

The company was founded in 2011 with the aim of delivering excellent customer and employee experiences through faster innovation and a radically reduced cost to serve in-store. The client’s guiding principle is a belief that all businesses and organizations, regardless of their size or number of sites, should be able to enjoy enterprise-class IT at the edge. 

Our client has an excellent track record of anticipating crucial developments in information technology and utilising those that can be leveraged to deliver innovative, game-changing business software. After working with a leading software and services-led enterprise provider for many years, the two organisations teamed up permanently with the global firm acquiring our client in 2019. With the promise of extensive investment, the company soon set its sights on expansion by bolstering its ranks with more quality technical staff.

Recruitment Difficulties

When trying to recruit two shift-based Service Desk Engineers for Operations however, our client soon ran into difficulties.

Not only did the candidates need to be based in the Bath area, but they also had to possess hard-to-find Linux skills and the high level of quality that the company demands of its staff. This is when RedRock joined the recruitment process.


Fast and Effective Solutions

RedRock is a Bristol-based experienced IT recruitment specialist that’s been successfully filling challenging vacancies since 2005. Thanks to a team of highly experienced directors that work with clients across the UK, it’s fair to say that RedRock has its finger on the pulse of IT recruitment.

What sets RedRock apart from many similar IT Recruitment agencies, is how its excellent access to passive candidates allows its clients to tap into a reserve of potential, excellent employees previously hidden from the wider market.

With an enormous database of candidates carefully built up over two decades, RedRock was soon able to gather a carefully curated selection of suitable candidates for our client’s vacancies.

After these two notable job hires, RedRock quickly capitalised on this success by being recommended to the VP of Engineering who was looking to expand his team. By again successfully placing another excellent candidate, a graduate Python developer this time, RedRock had begun to prove to our client that we could be trusted with their recruitment challenges.

Post-Covid Expansion

After these effective job hires in difficult circumstances, our client was very satisfied with RedRock’s quick and efficient solution to their recruitment problem which enabled them to fill vital gaps in their ongoing expansion.

Unfortunately, due to multiple lockdowns and a poor business environment due to the global spread of Covid-19, RedRock was unable to follow up on this success immediately.

Our client was however one of RedRock’s first clients to weather the economic storm and restart ambitious expansion plans. It did this by kicking off a graduate/junior developer recruitment drive in mid-2020 - a significant recruitment project within a changing recruitment market.

After the success of RedRock’s Service Desk Engineer and graduate Python Developer hires where it outperformed existing recruiters, our client reached out to RedRock and we were glad to help.

Cultivating a Relationship

RedRock’s team of recruiters was first introduced to the Engineering Hiring Manager before being tasked with delivering a number of top-class graduate developers with difficult-to-find Python skills.

Incorporating such a significant amount of people into a new company in one go is a major undertaking for a company, as well as being a situation where many factors must be considered for an effective overall hiring process.

Building a Team

RedRock thinks that building a team where different staff strengths complement each other is key to creating an effective work unit. Whether it’s a certain subset of skills, knowledge, or personality types, a high-functioning team is dependent on all its pieces working together harmoniously.

Thankfully, we at RedRock have great experience in recruiting fully formed teams, rather than just single hires. We regularly utilise these team-building recruitment capabilities in our standard recruiting procedure with excellent results.

With our client, we employed an engaged, two-way method of recruitment by taking the time to fully comprehend exactly what they needed in their candidates. By liaising with the Engineering Hiring Manager throughout the entire process we were able to guarantee that the developers coming into the interview hit all their expectations.

Thanks to our client’s smooth onboarding procedure, the six Python Developers we ultimately placed were quickly an integral part of their operations and were soon contributing to the company’s continued success in retail industry software.

The Future 

The key to RedRock’s approach is to first concentrate on building trust with a client so that we can create a lasting relationship. By carefully choosing candidates that we know will become long-term successes, RedRock lets its work do the talking so that we build a reputation that leads to our name being put forward for other parts of a business.

In fact, soon after our six Python Developer hires, we were introduced to another senior stakeholder in the Technology Division where we successfully placed an Advanced Engineering Developer.

Throughout late 2020 and 2021, RedRock firmly established itself as a preferred supplier of our client and successfully hired two further graduates and a Principal for the Engineering department, as well as one Senior Shift/Ops Engineer and four Service Desk Engineers for the Operations department.

With our client going from strength to strength, we are continuing to work with them to help the next stage in their growth as they expand beyond retail and into other sectors.

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