Recruitment for a bespoke software house in the health and wellbeing sector

“They all felt that RedRock was the only recruiter who saw them as people, not just commission and really wanted to get them the right role, rather than any role.” - WARP Hiring Manager

WARP was founded in 2005 to offer doctors innovative software that significantly shortened the time required to create medical reports. Fifteen years later they have become a leader in the industry, serve major government for medical assessments, and have developed a stellar reputation across the medico-legal, recruitment and insurance sectors.

WARP stands out from the average employer because of its particular approach to recruitment and staff. The business prides itself on hiring employees who are creative, have intriguing personal interests, and possess an “ability to look at the world differently.” By providing a supportive environment that invests heavily in staff training, WARP strives to offer its employees the chance to mould their own careers in the direction they choose. Sourcing the type of person with these specific qualities can be challenging however, as there are thousands of potential candidates out there. 

So how did WARP manage to grow to its current size how under these circumstances? This is where RedRock comes in.

The present day

RedRock is a highly professional IT recruitment specialist that has been successfully filling vacancies since 2005.  

WARP’s ethos 

When tasked with expanding the WARP team, our experienced and knowledgeable recruiters first took the time to fully understand the ethos of the business. We instantly understood that to help WARP successfully grow as a company in the way that they wanted to, we needed to look for the candidates with the correct personality and attitudes rather than just experience and skills. 

Our method of recruitment is always a two-way process that begins with RedRock taking the time to fully understand the client’s needs, and then liaising with them throughout the process to ensure that only the most suitable candidates are selected. For a company like WARP that values employee retention, we passionately believe that successfully filling a vacancy isn’t a ‘fire and forget’ action. 

When we were assembling a list of candidates for WARP, we began by judging where a successful candidate would be in three years’ time – not a month after their first day. Thankfully, RedRock is a recruiter founded by a team of highly experienced directors who have been working in the sector for decades. With an extensive database built over 20 years, RedRock’s clients have access to a vast network of passive candidates.

Going the extra mile 

Despite this resource, finding the ideal WARP candidate is never easy.  

However, RedRock always goes the extra mile to ensure the right person for the right role. The RedRock team at never walks away from a difficult hire and always remain focused on finding the perfect employee for clients with all our resources - no matter how long it takes.  

With such a considerable range and breadth of contacts in the industry, RedRock has consistently been able to, in the words of one Hiring Manager “Catch that character” for WARP. 


Being able to draw up a stellar list of candidates that all meets the special requirements that WARP demands is fantastic but being able to place someone in a role that’s right for the person is also equally important. A successful placement means that the candidate feels that they are valued, motivated and see themselves as a part of the WARP family.  

“I had a meeting with my team today, and as we looked around the table, we suddenly realised that we were all recruited by RedRock.” - WARP Hiring Manager

Just as how WARP has built long-term relationships with its staff, RedRock has built a long-term relationship with WARP. By aiming for the right result in the long term, rather than the easy result in the short term, we have proved to WARP time and time again that we have their best interests at heart. Long-term trust built up with an intensive account manager-based approach has led to RedRock having an intimate imprint on the make-up and direction of WARP as a business. As of 2021, 39% of WARP’s current staff have been discovered and recruited thanks to RedRock. 

The future

With WARP as a business continuing to achieve stunning results for clients, the company has a plan to increase its workforce to over 50 people over the next 6-12 months. Thanks to the long-term trust built up by so many successful roles filled, RedRock looks forward to sourcing just the right people for WARP’s next expansion.

“I’ve worked with RedRock over the past ten years to grow WARP. Their ability to understand the roles we have, our culture, and, ultimately, the candidates that would grow and fit well here at WARP is second to none. RedRock has always delivered high-quality candidates for a mix of roles in a timely and well-communicated fashion. This benefits the candidates as there has never been a discrepancy between how we describe the role in an interview to how the RedRock team briefed the client in screening.” - WARP CTO Mike Miller

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